The Republican Party Summary

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The dangers of “bothsideism” in which pundits tries to equate two opposing sides of an issue has caused havoc on the American public. Its detrimental effects has affected the livelihood of countless Americans and since the 1970s American politics has been on a downward slope. It is no mere coincidence that it coincides with the rise of the American right, the Republicans. Once proudly championed as the party of Lincoln is no more as its shameless gimmicks, vindictive leaders and the belief that the greater good of the party is greater than the nation succinctly describes current Republicans. Their tactics succeeded but it came at a devastating cost; its end result, the undermining public belief in the American government. Although, the general …show more content…

First released in 2012, the book uncovers the extremism of the Republican Party. The tandem of Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein, experts in their respective studies are keen to issues that plagued American politics. Mann and Ornstein are two individuals who beliefs fall on opposing sides of the political spectrum in America. In particular, Ornstein is a resident scholar of the American Enterprise Institute, a powerful conservative think tank and writing contributor to Roll Call, a conservative newspaper. In the event of critics, Ornstein gives a refreshing take on the issues in contemporary American politics. During the past several decades the Republican Party has taken a sharp right turn without looking back. It did not help that the constant comparison of Republican actions to their counterparts Democrats is wrong, as the latter is anything but like the former. Clearly, many, not all were blind to the fact that Republican leaders craved the comparison because it normalizes their reckless behavior. In fact, the coverage gave further credence in their plan and allowed for far more egregious acts under the “Republican spirit”. However, the authors correctly acknowledge the issues that are hindering the political system from reaching its maximum potential and offer solutions in the latter portion of the book to remedy

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