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In his article “Revitalization Movements,” Anthony F.C. Wallace theorizes that abrupt transformation of religions come about to help individuals and cultures deal with extreme stress and also take a major role in their sociality.
Wallace defines a revitalization movement as a deliberate, organized, conscious effort by members of a society to construct a more satisfying culture. Revitalization is not a classic process of culture change. The classic processes include evolution, drift, diffusion, historical change, and acculturation, all of which produce changes in cultures as systems; but revitalization occurs as a result of deliberate intent by members of society. The classic movements that cause change are slow, but “revitalization movements are abrupt, and frequently within a few years the new plan is put into effect by the participants in the movement.” (wallace)
Wallace also defines a mazeway as nature, society, culture, personality, and body image as seen by one person. The mazeway is a personal course that each of us takes to move through the world. It is the things we take for granted, our daily routine, our thought processes of what is important and when certain things should take place, etc. Mazes are a cultures infrastructure, (the basic underlying framework or features of a system or organization), and mazeways enable people to give meaning to the sensory details they absorb and process. The mazeway, according to Wallace, is the system of “action sequences”

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