The Revolution Of The Cotton Gin

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The Revolution of the Cotton Gin

Kaizha D. McRae
History of World Civilization 1815 to Present: WOH1030
James Richardson
July 16, 2015 Every day millions of people wake up, get dressed and head out for a long day of work. Many of these people may work at a local McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, Dillard’s, or gas station. Some people choose to work at home on a computer blogging, selling items on the internet and even making entertaining videos. Present day society is quite different than society years ago, before and during the Industrial Revolution. Today the people of the world have more opportunities for advancements than before. The world has evolved significantly over time, and …show more content…

In addition, social life was more complex due to the lack of telecommunication. If one wanted to talk to a family member in another state, or even a friend a few cities away, snail mail was available which could take days to weeks for the recipient to receive. Also, commuting from one place to another was done by horse and carriage, or on foot. There were no motor vehicles, trains or airplanes available for short or long distance commuting. It was not until the late 1700s when industrialization was introduced and welcomed to the world.
One could assume why the rise of industrialization began. With sometimes unreliable forms of communication, inefficient transportation, and slow manufacturing of goods and products, the world was past due for a change. Well, the beginning of industrialization, or what some may also refer to as urbanization, began in Great Britain and eventually spread to the United States and all around the world. Historians believe that industrialization began in Great Britain for various reasons. One reason why historians believe Great Britain was the home of industrialization was because they were more technologically advanced than other countries and had a head-start from around the world during this time ("The Industrial Revolution begins in England (1760-1850)” par. 1). Once industrialization spread around the world, lives began

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