The Revolution Of The Haitian Revolution

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Many times throughout history, we can see the effects of independent thought. There was the revolt of the slaves in Rome led by Spartacus, The Zanj Rebellion in the Middle East, and The Civil War in the United States. However, The Haitian Revolution is one of the most effective and swift Slave revolts of all time. The causes of the Haitian Revolution were quite simple and was similar to any other kind of slave revolt. Many ideas carried around by slave traders at the time such as treating slaves as property, using social/racial classes, and oppressive control ultimately tipped the slaves over the edge. Ideas of independence also sparked the revolution, and one key inspiration to the cause was The French Revolution. This is not very…show more content…
Because these people were being treated like property, they were accommodated with the barest necessities and were given little to no food. These slaves looked for a way to vent their frustrations. Through the Christian Religion, these slaves were able to unify under one belief. They grew confident and more unified knowing they outnumbered the whites of the island ten to one. Some slaves escaped their owners, and became what were known as Maroons. These escaped slaves lived in the mountains of Jamaica. These “rebels” laid down the foundations of a black resistance towards the slave owners and whites. They carried out plantation raids, the killing of white militiamen, and the freeing of slaves. These Maroons alone threatened the British prospect of the sugar and slave industry. Slavery is one of the most frowned upon act humans have ever done. Condemning humans to back breaking labor with no pay at all with constant abuse is surely going to meet some kind of resistance The slaves were not the only black inhabitants of Saint-Domingue. The free black inhabitants were called Mulattoes. Like the slaves, they too were oppressed in some way. While they had some sense of freedom, they were oppressed by the structure of the white government of Saint-Domingue. Upon reaching manhood, they were required to serve in a mandatory three-year term in the military. Upon release, they were then forced to serve in their
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