The Revolution Of The United States Of America

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Protests that Built the United States of America Edward Abbey is quoted as saying, “A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government” (Abbey). During the 18th century, this is precisely how the United States of America transformed from a group of colonies that served their mother country of England to a completely independent nation founded on the basic principles of democracy. What led to this great transformation and how were these colonists able to break away from English rule? The answer is simple. The colonists sought the basic rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness by means of one relatively simple concept: the act of protest. The colonial protests that occurred between 1764 and 1775 …show more content…

The Currency Act prohibited the colonies from being able to issue their own currency. The colonies had no say in these acts passed by Parliament and this angered the colonists. The phrase “no taxation without representation” became the popular outcry within the colonies after the passage of these two acts (Kennedy, 126). By the end of 1764, many of the colonists had united to protest these unfair acts by beginning to boycott English goods (Library of Congress). In 1765, the Quartering Act was passed by Parliament requiring the colonists to provide housing and supplies to the British troops stationed in the colonies (Alchin). This angered the colonists who did not feel it was their duty to house the troops sent by the British. In 1766, the first colonial protest of the Quartering Act occurred in New York, which served as the headquarters for the British troops. Not wanting to support the British soldiers any more, the Assembly of New York refused to continue housing the British troops. During a protest by the colonists, a small fight broke out between the colonists and the British troops, injuring one colonist (Library of Congress). Passed in 1765, the Stamp Act, was another act that prompted colonial protest. The Stamp Act was Parliament 's first direct tax imposed on the American colonies (Alchin). The Stamp Act was a tax on newspapers, pamphlets, and legal documents, meant to raise revenue for Great Britain just like the Sugar Act

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