The Revolution Of The American Revolution

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In regards to the American Revolution, the point that armed rebellion became inevitable arrived when after nearly five constant years of American colonist protesting. American 's had enough and needed to take a stand for the numerous inequalities they were forced to deal with. It was foreseeable that the American Revolution took place due to the unfair taxes that the British were giving Americans. Also, England was not allowing Americans their freedom, along with violence and the political dominance by the Parliament over the colonies by announcing the Stamp Act in 1765, which happened to nearly affect all Americans tremendously.
With that being said America felt that they cleared all their obligations when their colonial taxes were paid and they did not want to accept the fact that they were still being forced to pay taxes imposed by a Parliament wherein they were not embodied. Furthermore, the point of no return would have been the Boston Tea Party when this was a time when the state of affairs between the British and colonists became an outright uproar of irreconcilable chaos and disorder. Initially the Tea Party served as a means for a bail out for the East India Tea Company and British gains off tea products. Meanwhile, Americans were livid with the laws of the British and sought their rebellion. In which Samuel Adams and the Sons of Liberty embarked on British ships and took matters into their own hand by the discarding of massive amounts of tea goods. This act forced

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