The Rhetorical Analysis Of David Lowery, By David Lowery

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While David Lowery’s argument is made strong by his pathos and ethos. His logos or lack thereof pulls his argument down. On June 16th, 2012 Emily White published an article on how she had hardly ever purchased music, then on June 18 David Lowery respond to her article in a response that swept the nation, it lead him to a platform to speak on this topic and he is now one of the leading advocates for musicians’ rights. Lowery establishes his ethos in the fourth paragraph by stating that he teaches on the economics of the music business at the university of Georgia (Lowery 2). He will go on to later tell us that he is one of the founding members of a first-generation indie rock band. (Lowery 6) The strongest part of Lowery’s article is his …show more content…

He is continually appealing to the audience’s morals, stating “there are those asking us to change our morality and principles to fit the technological change” (Lowery 3) He uses the example of a business called the “net” in this scenario the store was never assigned to a police force, so no one will step in and stop looting from happening. In this fictional town, everyone has accepted the looting as fine because they will rarely get punished, large companies start to capitalize on it and in the end, everyone has gained something except the “Net.” (Lowery 4) He states that for hundreds of years artists have been allowed to treat their works as their own property getting to decided how it will be used and who will have access to it. (Lowery 4) He is challenging the readers to think of the moral question; is this right? He closes the article by telling Emily that if she were to donate the money she owes back to a musician supporting organization he would match it up to $500. (Lowery 8) which allows him to end on a happy, uplifting note. In all of this he is appealing to the audiences’ emotions trying to make them feel safe and trust him. Appealing to their moral side. Lowery’s pathos is based largely on appealing to people’s morals hoping that he can stir up a need for “justice.” That will cause each person to step up and act now. David Lowery has experience in the music industry, he has the passion to evoke emotions, what

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