Top 10 Major Record Labels Nowadays Essay

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Top 10 Major Record Labels Nowadays. Music and Business Music has several functions in the society, such as the expression of emotions; creation of joy; communication; entertainment; integration of a society; and the continuity of culture. These functions of music make music a human need, which results in humans demanding for music. The human need or demand for music makes music a valuable item (good). Therefore, humans (artists) create music as a good that can be sold for revenues and profits. This is how music relates to business. Music is a good that many people (artists) and business (record labels) are involved in its production, distribution, and sale for profits. In fact, musicians have to acquire business skills that will help them manage their public image, organize for tours and shows, design their merchandise, and build a loyal fan base. This is how music and business are related. Main Problems Faced by Musicians Music is an industry that has a number of aspiring artists wishing to be mainstream musicians. The road from aspirations to the establishment as a mainstream artist is often marred with a lot of problems. These problems are failure to attract record labels with demos; failure to have one’s songs reviewed in local and national newspapers and magazines; failure to attract people to one’s show; meeting con promoters, who are not serious about developing one and one’s work, and running out of money in the course one’s struggles. Successful aspiring artists

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