The Right Block Free Speech

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only a form individual freedom but it is also a form of freedom from a religious doctrine. If these cartoonists were to not express themselves because they fear they are disrespecting other people’s religion, then they themselves are also giving concessions to the principles of that religion. Thus if one views infringement of liberty by the definitions set through the harm and offense principle, it is clear that the interest of a civil society is to protect freedom of speech not to block or regulate it. The state has a role to protect liberties of all individuals not to define what should and should not be tolerated. Just as it is not the job of the state to institute policy on religion, it is not the states’ responsibility to regulate what freedoms of speech individual may and may not express.

A classic debate in the realm of free speech, and the states right block free speech is where the line is drawn between free speech and offense. In an absolutist perspective, there can be no block on free speech. In the point of view of an absolutist liberal there is no place and society for censorship; and society has no right to silence and opinion. When analyzing an absolutist point of view on free speech of view one must understand the rationale behind this viewpoint. In the case of free speech an absolutist liberal believes that a person’s right to free speech should not be compromised as long as they are not causing physical harm or harm to another’s property. To look at an

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