The Right and Wrong Time in The Tragedy of Hamlet

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Act 3, Scene 3

There is always a Right time and a wrong time to do something. Even though the wrong time may come quicker than the right time the wrong time can come with so many problems. The right time is better to wait for and come with less problems. Hamlet was faced with a big problem after seeing his uncle basically confess to murder in the play that Hamlet planned out. Hamlet was in the situation to kill his uncle while he was confessing his sins or to wait it out until another opportunity came up. Hamlet has so much anger and determination for revenge to kill his uncle after the play, but yet he can still control it. While Hamlet was planning for another time to kill his uncle, little do he know his uncle is planning on having him killed as well. First the king tries to get him shipped to England saying it was so he does not harm anyone else, but when in reality it is just because he know Hamlet wants him dead.
This soliloquy is just one of William Shakespeare's many that he have came about with. It is just as important as any one of them though. This soliloquy shows all the determination, anger, frustration, that Hamlet have for his uncle King Claudius. Yet and still through all this it still shows the respect he have for him, for not killing him while he caught the man praying. Before all of this though, Hamlet leads Claudius into his trap. He plays crazy and have his mother call in his best childhood friends Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. This speech shows

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