The Search for Truth in Hamlet by William Shakespeare

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Hamlet will always be well known for his delay in killing Claudius. After the interaction with his fathers ghost. The ghost informes Hamlet that he must get revenge and now kill Claudius. But from the start hesitation was in effect. There are many different theories of why Hamlet delayed revenge the most well know are finding of a perfect moment and him questioning death and the ghost itself. Hamlet was never unfaithful, he always want to go, but that he had never finished thinking the matter out.

Hamlet feels the moment of death is important and has to come at the right time. Hamlet had one well known opportunity to kill Claudius, but his hesitation came in when he realized he was praying. According to Karl S Guthke hamlet did not kill Claudius while he was praying because if he was to have stabbed him in the back at that moment he would go straight to heaven no matter how sinful his life was. ( Guthke 91) Hamlet shows how important the moment of death is when he says “that he will wait until lust and sin come back, and when his soul would be at the door of hell.” (Kilgore)He is constantly putting it off, because he is not ready, because he has not done thinking about it. Hamlet says he will not kill him now, he wants to find a moment that when killed he will be sent to hell.(Shakespeare)

A main reason for the delay was questioning the truth. He wanted to make sure his uncle Claudius was the one actually guilty of murdering his father the king .He didn't want

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