Essay about The Right of Reigious Freedom

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Religious freedom is arguably the oldest and deepest of rights embedded in the modern collection of liberties. Religion has been historically one of the most powerful forces in shaping the morals of humanity. According to the 1993 Project on Religion and Human rights; Religion is defined as: Encompassing a world view or set of beliefs, along with a value system and a way of life embodying and expressing these beliefs. They are not merely a matter of belief or doctrine, but actually constitute an integral culture which can form personal and social identity and can influence experience and behavior significantly. Religious persecution existed as early as the biblical and Quranic era. The “rights idea” by contrast, is of comparatively …show more content…

This compelled him to rid his kingdom of the new teaching and its followers. Barely a year on the throne, Mwanga started implementing his agenda by ordering the execution of Yusuf Rugarama, Mark Kakumba, and Noah Serwanga the first three Christian martyrs, on January, 31, 1885. This was followed by the murder of the Anglican Bishop James Hannington who had been dispatched as head of Eastern Equatorial Africa, headquartered in Buganda in October 1885. Joseph M.Balikuddembe a senior advisor to the King and a Catholic convert condemned Mwanga for ordering the Bishop’s death especially with out giving him a chance to defend him self as was customary. Mwanga in retaliation ordered the arrest and execution of Balikuddembe on November 15, 1885 as the first Catholic martyr. Mwanga II precipitated the show down in May 1886 by ordering the converts to choose between their new faith, and complete obedience to his orders. Those unwilling to renounce their new faith would be subjected to death. Courageously, the neophytes chose their faith. The execution of twenty six Christians at Namugongo on June 3, 1886; was the climax of the campaign against the converts. To date, 3 June is a public holiday in Uganda for commemorating the Uganda Martyrs. Else where in the world, after decades of religious wars which drew in all of the main forces finally concluded the Westphalia Treaties in 1648 in which the Peace among others established a

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