The Rights Of Assisted Suicide

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The “right-to-die” has been controversial for a long time and is continuously in debate. Some of the arguments in favor of laws allowing individuals to choose include - Anyone coming into hospital in an emergency has the option of a DNR (do not resuscitate). People who go into comas may leave living wills instructing doctors not to use any extreme life-saving measures (this includes feeding tubes). Perhaps dying with dignity is controversial b/c it seems like a more conscious choice. People can predetermine that they don’t want to live life as vegetables…but the general public has a hard time reconciling people who are still walking and talking making decisions to die. Why? Because they look healthy? Because they ‘appear’ to have life left in them? That is exactly what is being contested.
In 1997, Compassion in Dying, along with other individuals, protested Washington State’s ban on assisted suicide as referenced in the 1979 Natural Death Act. That act states – “lifesaving measures must be administered” and by "withholding, or withdrawal of life sustaining treatment" at a patient 's direction "shall not, for any purpose, constitute a suicide” (Wash. Rev. Code §70.122.070(1). The District Court initially ruled in favor of those opposed to the ban, but that decision was reversed on appeal. This case was then argued to the Supreme Court. Ultimately, the question was whether, or not, the rights of a competent individual to commit suicide with another person’s assistance, is

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