The Rights Of Fellow American Citizens

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The Complacent Majority Students across the United States stand before the American flag pledging an allegiance to a country that protects every citizen’s “unalienable rights”. Students are raised to devote their life to a country they are born into by chance. Unknown to them, they are subject to the laws and regulations of an outside world that boasts freedom, yet imposes a pledge amongst children. The American government was once a country of dissent and rebellion. However, as citizens become radical in the midst of chaos, cower in the face of defeat, comply to a vocal minority, silence their voice in fear of a powerful nation, abuse of power becomes prevalent, and citizens must practice the most American form of democracy— civil …show more content…

In fact, most Japanese American’s recount this moment in history as a traumatic experience as they were forced to leave their homes due to an unjust law. Attorney General Biddle as well as former Secretary of War Henry Stimson, believed there was “no reasons for mass evacuation” (Irons 41), and that “[Americans] cannot discriminate among [citizens] on the ground of racial origin” (Irons 41). American’s are raised to believe the founding fathers had the best interests of all citizens, and the Constitution and Bill of Rights are guidelines for all branches of government. In a 6 to 3 Supreme Court ruling against Hirabayashi, a new precedent was set that opposed the guidelines of law. Although the prosecution had no legal grounds to convict Hirabayashi as anti-Japanese laws conflict with the laws of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, “the Court’s historic malevolence against minorities” (Irons 5) tends to rule in favor of injustice. Popular opinion was that Hirabayashi’s conviction was the result of government precautions during wartime. In reality, radical opinions fueled the fears of Americans who unknowingly sacrificed their freedom for the illusion of safety. Historic government feats are the basis for modern political ideology. American democracy was built on the successes of both the Greek and Roman empire along with a socialist safety net. The

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