The Rights Of The United States

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Right to Rights
America has been known to be a nation of the people for the people by the people, but there are individuals may argue a different point. There are those who would claim this country was founded it was founded by and for whit Europeans, people fled a broken system, but subsequently built a flawed system of their own. Our forefathers uprooted themselves and others in order to build the country we live in today. The question quickly becomes a matter of which is it? Upon close examination I believe it shall become quite clear that this country was founded with a certain interest in mind. Indeed, African Americans may not have “found” this land, and the aboriginals certainly had rights to the lands they tended and lived, yet …show more content…

Many would argue when Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves in 1886 the treatment towards these minorities changed. There was no discernable change in the state of racial affairs in America. It wasn’t until Brown v. Board of Education ruled that schools needed to be integrated that actual progress was made towards the plight of black America. Even after Brown, the South replied to such demands with fierce and violence and resistance. The Ku Klux Klan became a symbol of fear, and may whites donned hoods and cloaks to strike fear into southern blacks and their supporters, but there was those who welcomed the changes that finally address the rampant issue of racism. These abolitionists believed in the civil rights for all, but where often shunned by a majority of the population in the Southern the government. It was these feelings of unrest caused so many volatile reactions from whites and blacks alike. It would take years for these changes to take rest with white America at large, especially within the south.
Minorities have struggled to gain acceptance since their integration. Caucasians have readily beaten these groups into submission, and fought to extinguish their hope for a better future. The South could refused to allow the government to interfere in personal, or business, affairs, and protested nearly all of the government 's decisions by fear mongering those who supported the change. For years folks had few

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