The Rise Of Carthage And The Phoenic Wars

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According to Mark, (2011), Carthage was founded by the Phoenician Queen Dido, around 813 B.C.E., and was initially a small trading stop along the Mediterranean coast used by Phoenician traders to repair their ships and replenish their supplies as they continued along the coastline (Mark, 2011). The city of Rome began as a series of shepherd and farmer settlements by the Latin peoples on the Palatine Hills (Morey, n.d.). From these humble beginnings, each city would come to dominate their respective surrounding regions. Rome had a well-organized political system with loyal citizens and a superior army, while Carthage had a monopoly on Mediterranean trade routes and massive wealth. These two cities came to head in a conflict over trade routes and political alliances. The conflicts developed into the Punic Wars, which after many costly battles, would by wars end, expand the Roman Empire from Italy to the entire Mediterranean (Morey, n.d.).


The Rise of Carthage

According to legend Carthage was established by Queen Dido, who had bartered the land …show more content…

Historians believe Rome was threatened by the wealth of Carthage and its stronghold in the Mediterranean Sea. Rome and Carthage came head to head during the First Punic War when Rome was called to aid a group of bandits who had started a war with a Carthage ally in Sicily. During the conflict, Rome realized although their ground soldiers were superior, the navy of Carthage was sure to crush them in defeat. Rome resolved to build a rival navy and eventually conquered most of Sicily and Corsica. They modeled ships using an abandoned Carthage vessel and created an ingenious drawbridge for their soldiers to board the Carthage ships during war skirmishes. Emboldened by victory, Rome pressed on to shore, but they were cast out of Africa, but would return to fight again (Morey,

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