Essay on The Rise and Fall of The Roman Empire

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Power. Dominance. Strategy. One of the greatest and most predominant empires ever built that controlled and reined over much of the entire continent of Europe is known as the Roman Empire. The Romans were beyond the most tactical and strategic army, and obtained the most authoritative military control throughout ancient history. The Roman Empire was not only a militia of brute force and authority, but their political systems also were amongst the most developed and functional governances. The Romans contained a civic virtue, which was the outline of core values of their Roman culture. The Romans were infatuated and captivated by displayed affluence of their culture, they were obsessed with sexual intercourse, freakish and sensationalistic …show more content…

This caused even more conflict in Rome, which is known as an inequality between the plebeians and patricians and led to the conflict known as the Struggle of the Orders (134). Their core values had completely reversed themselves from wanting to obtain a world power and authority into a culture that preferred things to be handed to them instead of going out and taking them like they had been doing, which led to the Romans being no longer free. Furthermore, the Roman Empire was more concerned with displaying affluence instead of building its wealth. The Romans seemed to be very materialistic and they wanted to build very rich and beautiful temples and buildings rather than expansion in goods that could be traded or perhaps in an agricultural development that could have led to more wealth (130). The Romans built bathes that included gymnasia where men exercised, snack bars and halls where people could read and chat, and even libraries and lecture halls (136). Instead of the Roman’s investing their efforts in something more lasting, the Roman Empire wanted it to be known to the world that they had the answers for everything and could overtake anyone and anything within reach. Additionally, the Romans were obsessed and infatuated with sexual intercourse and the perversions of sex. The Romans adopted this concept from their captured Greeks

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