The Rise of Drug Abuse in Hong Kong

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Goretti Wong 6B (27) Say NO to drugs Drug abuse is on the rise among young people in Hong Kong which is a serious and alarming phenomenon that every one of us should face squarely to. Before we figure out ways to help them, we must first understand the reasons for teenagers to take drugs. Peer influence is the dominant reason for teenagers to take drugs. Usually, friends among a group share same interests and their behaviors are expected to be consistent with one another. At the same time, teenagers try to gain respect and recognition from their friends by involving in common activities. If their groups of friends take drugs, they would be repelled and teased if they rejected to do the same. In order not to be excluded from the…show more content…
In a long run, drugs spoil our organs like kidneys and gall bladder. Kidney is responsible for detoxification, taking too much drug will increase the work load of it, and eventually leads to malfunctioning. When gall bladder is damaged by drugs, we will have to urinate more frequently than normal which, on the other hand, seriously affect our normal life routine. Taking drugs may cause serious allergic reactions. Some people are allergic to a certain kind of drugs. This may be unknown to them. But once they take them, it will be too late for them to avoid it afterwards because the effects are instant. In trivial case, it causes headache or swelling of face. In severe case, it causes suffocation which may lead to death. Actually, drug education is essential, especially when we see that there is a rising trend here in Hong Kong. However, as our targets are teenagers, anti-drug messages will be more acceptable if we are not using the traditional way of educating – teaching theories in books. Celebrities are the best way to arouse teenagers’ attention. The government can invite famous singers or stars to attend different functions like mini-concerts or sharing to spread anti-drug messages. Since the celebrities are well-known and are welcomed by many teenagers, attentions can be easily caught and teenagers will start to become more aware of the seriousness of drug abuse. It is also good for schools to invite someone who had
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