The Rise of E-Books

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We live in a digital era today. We have come to the point when our lives would be unimaginable without internet. We are relying on it so much these days that our dependence sometimes borders addiction. However, internet is slowly merging itself into our lives. It has come to affect every aspect of modern living. Therefore, of all the things internet is influencing today, what impact does it have on modern literature? Moreover, did internet kill literature?
With internet, a feeling of availability prevails. And to a certain extent, it is true – some fifteen years ago, it would have been impossible to write a book today and publish it tomorrow. Or to desire to read a bestseller and have it on your Kindle immediately. Furthermore, digital era brought about many changes in the publishing industry and the largest of them being the phenomenon of self-publishing.
Looking backwards at the beginnings of the publishing industry, we can see that it was the novel which started it all. Therefore it was the novel that created mass-markets. For example, Daniel Defoe with his Robinson Crusoe, considered to be the first English novel, was a middle-class writer. He cared little about the tradition and antiquity, hence what he did was considered novelty at the time – he popularized ordinary man. From that moment onwards, the novel spreads and evolves into numerous sub-genres and is today the most prominent form of writing.
In addition, another example from history,

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