The Rising Epidemic Of Elder Abuse

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I am intending on researching the rising epidemic of elder abuse and why and how it happens. I hypothesize that the subject generally is unheard of and goes unnoticed for many people. Since working and caring for the elderly is a part of the medical field, my primary audience would be health care professionals who work in elder facilities as well as family members who have taken on the role as care giver. These individuals should be interested in the topic because chances are they are passionate about their work or family member and would like to acquire knowledge on how to prevent or help life proceed to those that have been affected by the situation. The people who have the greatest opportunity and accessibility to help the victims of …show more content…

What has led me to research this topic is my personal interest in the elderly. My major is Communication Science Disorders and although I will not be a daily life care provider I will still be working closely with them. Through my job I will be working with patients who have had strokes or other impairing conditions that have hindered them from speaking or communicating. Since I will be working closely with them I think it is important for me to be able to notice warning signs of abuse and to know what to do after I have noticed them, I will learn these things through my research. Not only am I interested in the topic from a professional and career driven aspect but I am also intrigued from a family aspect as well. My great-grandmother has recently been financially abused by a scam artist and even the closest of her family members weren’t sure how to approach the situation and help her through it. I am hopeful that I will be able to help her prevent this from ever happening again and help her to better live out her future after the abuse. So not only am I suitable to research this from a professional stand point but from a personal one as well.
Brief Review of Literature The first source I have obtained is a scholarly one that has been published in the British Medical Journal in August 1996. Mark Bradley, a geriatric/general doctor, has written and article called

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