The Rocking Horse Winner By F. H. Lawrence, And The Lottery

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Writing is utilized to express some person 's sentiments or to go about as a teaching to the diverse readers. The writer shows these sentiments or teachings in a lot of ways. In the short story The Rocking-Horse Winner, the author utilizes setting, imagery, and irony to accomplish the hidden theme in this short story, which is the absence of love that prompt the quest for cash and material wealth, or greed, and will eventually obliterate happiness and prompt inevitable defeat. In The Lottery, the author uses its setting and irony to show the theme, which is violence and cruelty towards another human being shows there is a lack of love in the community. In The Rocking-Horse Winner, by D. H. Lawrence, and The Lottery, by Shirley Jackson, the two makers represent symbols and subjects all through their stories in which one common thought is existent: the absence of affection will prompt defeat.
The Rocking-Horse Winner, composed by David Herbert Lawrence is an example of inheritance of industrialist society where every family was compelled to acquire more cash in spite of unsuitable results. The author shows his state of mind to the cash overwhelmed society; in his short story he scrutinizes influence of cash and impact of the capitalist society on human connections. The topic of The Rocking-Horse Winner is the ruinous force of greed, which crushes human sentiments, connections, and even lives. Cash is the base of all immoral. The main character of the story, Paul, is

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