The Role Of A Patron For The Artist And Production Of The Artefact Essay

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Discuss the relationship and significance of a patron to the artist and production of the artefact.
The Renaissance was the age of exploration and discovery; it was considered the start of the modern era. It was an affluent time for the arts which developed during the 16th century in Italy. The Italian peninsula established several art centres which developed unique styles of art and important ideas. Here the art market advanced as a result of the relationship between patrons and artists.
In order to discuss the relationship between patrons and artists, it is essential to look at the causes that led to the development of the Renaissance art market in Italy and the communal changes that brought medieval Italy into the age of Renaissance. During the Renaissance, Italy was divided into different city-states. They were organised as republics, Genoa and Pisa, oligarchies, Venice or ruled by local aristocracy, Milan, Florence, Rome and Naples.1
The development of these urban centres led to the growth of various artistic schools which led to another important factor for the beginning of the art market, it lead to the development of business and banking, resulting in more people getting involved in these sectors. The city-states were characterized by great economic and political power. Venice became the main trade centre for commodities such as spices, salts, glass, silk and luxury products, Pigments such as lazuli, the intense blue that can be seen in the Virgin Mary’s robes,

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