The Role Of Accreditation For The Healthcare Industry

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The role of accreditation in healthcare The accreditation plays many roles to improve the healthcare industry. One of its core roles includes accreditation. The organization is known as one of the best accrediting organizations in the US. Its independence is one of the core factors that make the organization to gain reputation in its accreditation processes. It provides various types of accreditation. On the other hand, the accreditation provides a great opportunity for the ACOs to prove their ability to provide quality care and even improve on quality care (National Committee Quality Assurance, 2014). The accreditation process plays also in promoting the quality of care in the healthcare system. At first, the accreditation process calls for a reduction of errors by improving health safety measures. Whenever we have low rates of errors, it becomes eminent that the quality of care improves positively. On the other hand, the patient safety measures that are promoted by the accreditation organization are focused on quality improvement (Warburton, 2009). Accreditation also improves the quality of care by promoting skills and capacity building. The organization of healthcare accreditation trains the employees on various issues. Through the training process, the healthcare organizations are better placed to provide quality services to the people. Therefore, the role of the accreditation on quality improvement cannot be ignored (Warburton, 2009). Any organization that needs
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