The Role Of Antigone And Creon

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Dinesh Shahi
Professor Bradley
English 1302.51004
8 October 2017
Role of Antigone and Creon The story Antigone is about a tragic hero, written by Greek writer Sophocles. A protagonist is the central character or leading figure in poetry, novel, or any other story. A protagonist is sometimes called a “hero” by the audience or readers. Antigone is the protagonist character. On the other hand, an antagonist is a character or a group of characters which stand in opposition to the protagonist or the main character. The term antagonist comes from Greek word “antagonists” that means opponent, competitor, or rival. King Creon is the antagonist character in the story. The main character Antigone tries to complete her religious duties showing heroism in the story. In the contrary, King Creon opposes Antigone showing his antagonistic throne. Antigone is the protagonist because she believes that she should honor her dead brother. When Creon passes the law to forbid the burial of her brother, Antigone keeps her determination to complete her religious duties. For example: she expresses that her death is no importance until and unless she buried her death brother (Scn 2 Ln 75-80). Furthermore, she believes in equality because both brothers were killed were killed in their own quarrel, but the king ordered to bury only Eteocles with honor. For example: she tells Creon that your order is not the God’s proclamation, and final justice. God rules the world below make no such laws ( Scn 2

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