The Role Of Custodial Torture And Its Removal Of Body Parts Essay

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• Mutilating body parts, traumatic removal of body parts • Amputation of digits and limbs, removal of organs • Asphyxiations: drowning, smothering, choking, chemicals • Chemical exposures in wounds, body cavities • Attacks by animals, dental torture • Exhaustion, forced labour, starvation Psychological Torture • Threatening to harm or kill the victim or the victim 's relatives • Forced witnessing or hearing the torture of others • Mock execution, forced to harm others • Denigration and humiliations, threats of attacks by animals • Violations of taboos, violation of religion INTERNATIONAL COMMITMENT Custodial Torture has been the concern of international community as the problem is universal and challenge is almost global. The US Supreme Court in case of Munn vs. People of Illinois observed that life is not merely an animal existence. The soul behind the bar cannot be denied the same because such person does not cease to be a human being. Just being in prison does not deprive them from their fundamental rights. International law prohibits torture and other forms of inhuman and degrading treatment, which cannot be accepted under any circumstances. One of the earliest measures was taken by the United Nations to abolish corporal punishment in colonial territories in 1949. United Nations Standards The United Nations has a developed a number of standards related to the prevention of torture, including: • Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners • Basic Principles
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