The Role Of Evolution And Natural Selection In H. G Wells The Time Machine

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the Eloi and the Morlock are said to be evolved from the upper and lower classes, the Eloi being from the upper class and the Morlock from the lower class. The Time Machine was inspired by Darwin's book called, "Origin of Species" which was written about evolution and natural selection. H.G Wells makes clear connections to Darwin's work, focusing on the points that humans will continually evolve, Natural Selection, and that organisms are limited in their ability to survive.

Darwin once stated that the human race shall continually evolve. This means that as time goes on, and our earth keeps populating, humans of our generation will evolve into humans of the next generation. This is portrayed in the novel by Well's through the introduction to the Eloi and the Morlock. The Time Traveller realizes that humans are different now and the Eloi and Morlock are the " humans" of that time. When the Time Traveller goes into the future even more he realizes that the human race is now extinct and all that is left are giant crabs. Darwin proved that man had evolved from apes. H.G Wells shows the reader that humans, over time, evolved into two social classes, who then evolved into the Eloi and the Morlock. …show more content…

In some cases organisms are less equipped making them easy targets for other organisms to feed on. Natural selection is shown throughout the entire novel. The Morlock are very rough and violent minded, where as the Eloi are very frail and can easily be hunted. Darwin also referred to this theory as "survival of the fittest." Meaning that which ever species was better equipped for their habitat would survive. In the novel, the Eloi are killed off and eaten by the Morlock with little to no skills to defend

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