The Role Of Forrest Gump

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Forrest Gump, a role played by Tom Hanks, is a slowly speaking, grammatically flawed and a simple-minded man. He never knows what is exactly happening around him but his good heart and positive intensions eventually makes him a millionaire. He spends his childhood in Albama and he suffers from a crooked spine and is outfitted with leg braces for strengthening his back but later he runs out of those braces and when he starts running, he never stops. He has an IQ of below average 75 and is not able to get into a public school and was even considered as 'not normal' by the principal but later his mother made the principal reconsider and told his son never to let anyone tell him that he was stupid or different saying "Stupid is as stupid does". …show more content…

He got a football scholarship because of his incredible running abilities and got a chance to meet President John F. Kennedy at the White House as he was selected for the All-American Football Team. He also got a chance of meeting Governer George Wallace's Stand in the Schoolhouse Door when his university was desegregated and also met Vivian Malone while there was a huge crowd, he simply walked up to Malone and handed her a book she dropped. Forrest Gump had the privilege and honor of meeting several people who had a large impact on American society in …show more content…

Forrest even asked Jenny to marry him but she refused.

Forrest's new-found loneliness leads him to take a run "for no particular reason." He even crossed the Mississippi Border. He kept running for a span of three years almost. His running attracted media coverage and eventually he had number of followers. One day, while running in the United States, Forrest suddenly stops, his followers thought he would offer few words now but he simply announced that he was tired and wants go back. This sudden decision made his followers feel dumb.

After some days Jenny sends a letter to Forrest and asks him to meet her. Forrest reached at her home, they felt really happy to see each other. Jenny introduces Forrest to her young son, named Forrest. She further explains "You're his daddy, Forrest." He then gets to know that Jenny is sick from an unknown virus which has no known cure. He invites her and Little Forrest to come home and stay with him. Later Jenny asks him to marry her and he

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