The Role Of Law In The 17th Century

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Throughout the chronology of civilization across our terraqueous globe, there has been one aspect of society which facilitates our stability. That aspect is our adherence to moral ethics and just laws. This developed cultural trait has ensured the progression of society and the safety in developing a complacency to fear or harm. It is law, that protects us from the dangers of ourselves and the malevolence of others. However, the law has never been indefectible or paradisiac. The laws of man often reveal their faultiness, and their vulnerability to pervasive interpretation. During the 17th century, the New World suffered greatly in developing new laws, regulations, and experimental societal structure. The 17th century contemporary philosophy on community, family, and religion formed the guidelines in which all societal rules would be formed.…show more content…
In the early days of Portsmouth, Rhode Island, superstitious societal self infliction caused multiple judicial accusations and executions. Specifically, one law case exemplifies the flawed structure of 17th century New England culture. The investigation and trial of Thomas Cornell (Jr.) in the untimely death of his mother, Rebecca Cornell. The year was 1673 and it had been ten years since Rhode Island had been established as a legal colony under a regal charter, by Charles II (McLoughlin 38). Thomas Cornell had discovered the charred remains of his mother Rebecca to which, after paranormal intervention, Thomas was accused and later executed for murder. However, to understand the periods ideals and philosophy, we must first look back and observe the multiple facets of 17th century New England
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