The Role Of Melinda In The Janitor's Closet

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Would you rather be bullied, harassed and exposed by ignorant people and potential criminals ,or be safe in harmony away from the treacherous halls and danger in the janitor's closet. Well, this was the decision Melinda had to make and the janitor’s closet was there to save her. The janitor’s closet is safety. This closet helps Melinda get through the fight with daily life. It is more than just a closet. Melinda in the janitor’s closet can get away from bullies. She can get away from harassments about her calling the cops at a drinking party. Or she can get away from bullies who laugh at her at lunch. This closet symbolizes the safety that keeps her away from her old friends or harsh people. There is one big bully, the king of all bullies.
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