The Role Of Mental Illness Play On Psychopathic Behavior

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Roles That Mental Illness Play In Psychopathic Behavior were investigated. Key issues which were addressed include:
Does the Environment You Grow Up in Cause the Violence in Early Childhood?;
Can One Inherit Violent Behavior?; and
Can Anything Be Done About This?
Review of literature indicated that, violence can be learned but can also be taught. When one looks into these problems further they may realize that violent is being taught more than just learned. The environment these children are being raised are are not always healthy causing them to be raised or taught violent and toxic behaviors. It has been researched and proven that one can inherit these violent behaviors. Some toxins in the body can make one have such violent behaviors that cannot be controlled with just a timeout. Also when researched more one may get a better understanding on how to control these bad behaviors or to get them to stop. It is stated in the research the ways to control these bad behaviors. It all starts with the environment, but if one takes the child to get the help they need when they are young the child learns how to control the anger, and toxic violence. Kids with toxic and violent behaviors can be helped! It just takes a parent and guidence to keep the child on the right track towards a healthy future. It doesn 't take much effort to keep the child in a stable and well grounded environment, both for what one needs to succesfully raise a child to be a good person. In this paper,…
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