The Role Of Nurse Practitioners

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The nurse practitioner role was established not only to elevate the nursing profession but to fill a void in underserved areas in need of medical care. For over fifty years, nurse practitioners have provided both care to those in need and seen their profession practice flourish. Today’s nurse practitioners are facing a growing emphasis to be utilized more effectively and to the full extent of their knowledge and skill. Nurse practitioners play a pivotal role in achieving many of the goals established in the Accountable Care Act. This paper contains a comparison and contrast between the ideal role and that of an actual nurse practitioner. To understand the role of the nurse practitioner relevant issues such as professional guidelines, use of evidence based practice and research in practice, and leadership will be addressed.

Professional Role of Nurse Practitioner Nurse practitioners provide an answer to many of the problems affecting healthcare today (DeNisco & Barker, 2016). For years nurse practitioners have provided cost effective quality care to the public, now with the recent changes in healthcare reform nurse practitioners are in even greater demand. Despite research citing their value, the role of the nurse practitioner must be clarified. To meet and support the growing demands of the health care system, an understanding of the nurse practitioner role is important. DeNisco & Barker state, “Advance Nurse Practitioners are licensed…
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