The Role Of Oracles In Greek Mythology

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Prophecy and premonition played a major role in Greek Mythology. The people of Greece traveled far and wide to grasp a piece of the truth or learn of their future. These things could be given to them through prophecies from the gods’ mouthpieces at shrines called oracles. Oracles varied in numerous aspects including: kind of prophecy given, rituals required, and to whom they are dedicated. The Oracle of Trophonius is an example of an oracle with a very unique story.
According to Herodotus, “If the course of the future is within certain limits mapped out, it must be known by someone, somewhere, if not on earth, then by the gods.” (Hart 33) Oracles are one of the many forms of divination. Oracles are set, physical locations, in contrast …show more content…

A typical question one asked was, “How do I rid my people of this plague?” Before asking such questions to the oracles, there was a mandatory process.
Oracles had many different requirements before they could be addressed. Some common themes included rituals and sacrifice. There were many oracles that required a specific animal to be sacrificed or to sacrifice to specific gods. The sacrifices were used to please the gods in hopes getting them on their good sides, while also serving as a payment for the oracles’ service. Other common practices included purification, bathing, diets, and specific apparel. The time spent partaking in the rituals varied from oracle to oracle. There are hundreds of known oracles in Greece. The most famous is the Oracle of Delphi, which was dedicated to the god Apollo. Here, consultors would come to see Pythia, the mouthpiece of the oracle. She would murmur the words of Apollo while the priest translated the message. Another well-known oracle is one of Zeus, the Oracle of Dodona, where his message was delivered through the wind. Other popular oracles were found in the cities of Aornos, Delos, and Corinth. One final, particularly notable oracle was found in Lebadaia, modern day Levadia: the Oracle of Trophonius.
The myths of Trophonius’ life vary in many ways. Some say he was the son of Apollo while others say he had a human father by the name of Erginus. One thing that

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