The Role Of Photographer As An Agent For The Environment

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The thread running through this book is that photographers have been and continue to be visual advocates for the environment. In spite of all the wrongs we have afflicted to Earth, this book discusses how photographers and all sorts of people are actively coming together for a better tomorrow. Environmentalism in the 21st century involves hard work and determination by photographers, environmentalists, some in government, and others getting the information to the public and decision-makers what is happening people, places and spaces on a changing planet. Much of this has materialized through alternative modes of communication and they have done well to circumvent and challenge the status quo, and will continue to do so. Evolution of Change This book has presented the evolution of photographer as an agent for just causes and the environment is no exception. I started with the historical developments and ideological importance of the photograph as a social construction (see Ch. 1). I offered a reflection of past practices of social documentation to arrive at photos constructed purposefully to shed light on some aspect of society and advocate for social reform. Discussed in Chapter 2, these early photographers put in motion the photograph as part of agency for change. This premise continues today, but extends to all mediated content and emerging technologies. Then as now, photographers believe what they are seeing is unfair, unjust, or discriminatory so they document with

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