The Role Of Popular News Media On An Electoral Environment

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Information and Power
Information flow is a crucial component of any electoral process. The modern leadership dynamics, which embraces democracy, rests on the electoral processes as the tools for gaining power. It, therefore, means that an environment where the information flow is free, efficient and seamless experiences balanced power distribution. In other circumstances, some people could, by design or default, have the upper hand in the access to information. This means that these individuals have greater balance of power to exercise it over others who may not be privileged enough to access it (Bates). This is the context that explains the role of information agents or media and communication in leadership dynamics. Therefore, with the …show more content…

Clinton when she was the US senator from New York and also when she was at the helm of the State Department as the state secretary. The materials targeted contained damaging information that dented her rival’s political image. In all these cases, the materials were first availed to her rival, the Republican nominee for presidential position, Mr. Trump before they were made public through the media. Mr. Trump, together with his campaign propaganda machines, used this information to poke holes in Clinton’s judgment and raise doubts concerning her suitability to serve as the President of the United States. The opinion polls would then show an adverse effect of the information on Clinton’s prospects.
Moreover, the information on the handling of mails by Ms. Clinton while serving at the State Department made a fatal blow to her chances at the last stretch of the election campaigns. The director of FBI released information to the effect that the agency would re-open the investigation on Clinton regarding her culpability in terms of handling the official emails. This cemented a narrative by her rivals that she was culpable being a criminal who should have not been allowed even to contest in the first place. In fact, the opponents would use the phrase “lock her up” during their campaign gatherings as a rallying call against her (Diamond). It is widely held that this pronouncement by the director was instigated by the campaign of Trump who had access to more information

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