The Role Of Psychopathy And The On Entertainment Industries And Its Effects On The Way Of An Individual Processes Information

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The portrayal of sociopaths and psychopaths one sees in entertainment industries are false compared to real life. Mental disorders like sociopathy and psychopathy have been researched for numerous years. Scientists and Psychologists have come to the conclusion that psychopathy and sociopathy are distinct disorders that affect the way an individual processes information. However, media contentiously uses the terms interchangeably as if they were one disease. Furthermore, Hollywood keeps portraying these disorders wrongly resulting in various misconceptions. It is time to raise awareness in society about them. Psychopathy and sociopathy are mental disorders that are analogous in various ways but discern in their natural causes, basic behavior, social results, and criminal life. While the disorders are alike, the root each of them is key to comprehending their divergence.
The natural cause of psychopathy is due to malfunction of the brain while the causes of sociopathy consist of environmental factors. Various studies have shown that psychopaths are born and faintly affected by the environment around them. As noted in “Inside the Mind of a Psychopath,” psychopathy is due to the malfunction of the area in the brain that controls human emotions, thus psychopathic people lack empathy and the ability to manage emotions properly (Kiehl and Buckholtz 5-6). Furthermore, Professor Crag S. Neumann declares that “evidence from large-scale studies suggests that psychopathic traits are

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