The Role Of Purloin Books In Liesel's Life

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Two major components of Liesel’s life are to purloin books and help Max, a Jewish man who lives in the Hubermann’s basement. I have two questions regarding these major factors. My first question is, why does the mayor’s wife leave the window open? Throughout the novel, Liesel goes to the mayor’s house to read and take a book. She notices that the window is left open as if the wife wants Liesel to take more books. “***A SMALL SUGGESTION** Or maybe there was a woman on Grande Strasse who now kept her library window open for another reason - but that's just be being cynical, or hopeful. Or both,” (Zusak 328) There is a possibility that the window is open for another reason; however, it seems like it tends to be open when Liesel and Rudy are on

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