The Role Of Religion In The Crucible

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A prevalent theme in The Crucible is that a person’s religion and or beliefs have a powerful effect on how they are perceived by society. The town of Salem was primarily dominated by the Puritan religion and its strict followers. Those who were seen as the purest Puritans, like Reverend Parris, were revered by society. Even Parris was aware that his status in Salem was because of his religious values. In the beginning of the book, Parris believed that by being associated with witches, his religious status, as a minister, would decline and he would no longer be seen as close to God, or as a prominent figure in society. Not only did your religion determine how powerful you were in society, but it affected how unpopular you were in the community as well. Bridget Bishop, a tavern keeper, was one of the first targets of the witch trials because of her religion.…show more content…
The Puritans believed that those who were not as religious as them must be controlled by the Devil and out to get them. This was a defining characteristic of the trials since most of the evidence was based on the defendant’s religious beliefs. When John Proctor was being questioned by Danforth, Parris brought up that Proctor skipped church on Sundays and plowed his fields instead. This notion that he was not a frequent church goer and was not a strict Puritan discredited Proctor’s claims against the trials. Furthermore, the trials only became skeptical to society when Rebecca Nurse, an extremely religious woman, was brought in for witchcraft. It was only then that people realized that the trials were mistrustful. Since Rebecca had such high status in society due to her religion, people began to question whether or not the trials were all
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