The Role Of Resistance In The Holocaust

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During this time period of the holocaust there was a movement of armed and unarmed resistance that changed history. The holocaust began with the germans discriminating jews separating them from their communities and families. They treated the jews with zero respect as in harsh consequences and even killing them. Jews created a movement of resistance against the Nazis/Germans which was one of the most reasons survivors survived. During this time period jews created a movement of armed and unarmed resistance to survive and maintain their humanity. Armed resistance is an up-rising to using weapons to impose what you want. This was the most effective type of resistance. “Jewish resistance became clear after germans murdered most of their families” - United States …show more content…

This resistance saved many lives and was a smarter strategy leading to better success. “The smuggling of food was mainly carried out by the young. It was a form of resistance that was significant as it enabled people to eat and therefore survive”-United States Holocaust Museum. This quote fits the unarmed category because it shows shows the way they would go against the nazis with zero violence. This helped maintain their humanity because they did not have to kill anyone or anything it was just that the parents were providing for their children. Jews developed a movement of armed and unarmed resistance to retain their humanity. Jews had enough of the germans and went on an uprising to fight against them using violence. They created organized resistance groups all across making sure the nazis knew they could not be stopped by killing one. Jews who believe violence was not the answer they resisted spiritually and mentally. Armed and unarmed resistance killed a lot of lives but at the same time saved a lot more lives because without the resistance movement who knows if the Jews would still be

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