The Role Of Special Education For Children With Special Needs

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Everyone learns in different ways. Understanding individual differences in ability, personality, and interests is essential in teaching those with disabilities. It is true that disabilities intersect with learning. For example, a disability may interfere with family or peer relationships and school performance if a student displays troublesome behaviors. Children with disabilities may sometimes be seen as “different” by other children. This may lead to being excluded from peer relationships and experiences of social isolation. However, children with special needs may experience good mental health in supportive environments that support their strengths. I believe that children benefit from having positive relationships and feel a sense of belonging at school. These positive experiences are important for children with special needs. Like all teachers, special education teachers must be organized, patient and able to motivate students. Since they work with students who have one or more disabilities, special education teachers must also be understanding of each student’s special needs and accepting of differences in others. In addition, teachers need to foster their children’s strengths, but to remember to challenge them in order to grow as well. A student can excel in a variety of areas. Therefore, they need to be offered a variety of experiences to help their children develop new strengths and interests that will expand their understanding of what is being taught. Teachers
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