The Role Of The Joint Chief Of Staff Essay

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Role in Foreign Policy
The Joint Chief of Staff has played an integral role in shaping foreign policy in the post-9/11 era. The Joint Chief of Staff offers military advice and strategy to the President, Secretary of Defense, Congress, and the National Security Council. In addition, the staff is compromised of the Secretary Army, Secretary of Navy, and the Secretary of Air Force and led by the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff .
Interests in the Persian Gulf
America’s direct involvement in the Persian Gulf began in the early-1990s when Iraqi President Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. Tensions that were building in the Middle East were unleashed causing a chain reaction over the next decade of violent attacks on Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Israel, the United States, and rebellions within Iraq. After the September 11th attacks, America’s national military strategy shifted from countering belligerent states to “countering violent extremist organizations that undermine transregional security ” of the Persian Gulf.
Despite the shift in adversaries, the interests in the Persian Gulf have not shifted since our previous involvement. Currently, the United States military strategy in the Persian Gulf is shaped around three key interests: democracy promotion, peace and stability, and securing an open international economic system. These three interests seek to protect United States’ national security and can be achieved through diplomatic measures.
One key interest in the Persian Gulf

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