The Role Of Witchcraft In African Cultures And Societies?

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How does witchcraft play a role in African cultures and societies?
Anthropology 140
Sydney Benson
California State University, Chico

This paper explores and addresses the role that witchcraft plays in African cultures and societies. It delves into six different sources and analyzes how witchcraft plays a role in each of the different African tribes discussed. Each source displays new information and practices regarding the different tribes and cultures throughout Africa and how witchcraft relates to each and every one of them. Although each tribe had a different view of witchcraft, all of them have a general fear for witches, and shared some sort of societal impact as a result.

How does witchcraft play a role in African cultures and societies?
Witchcraft has been known to spark conflict in many cultures and has been proven to create both positive and negative effects within cultures and societies. Witchcraft has been found in many different countries and cultures; however, it has been a prominent aspect of African societies.
The practice of witchcraft has been known to cause fear and has primarily been a symbol of evil throughout the world (GechikoNyabwari & NkongeKagema, 2014). Anthropologists speaking of witchcraft are generally referring to individuals that have an innate ability to do evil. Being a witch does not depend on ritual, and oftentimes witchcraft can be unconscious or unintentional (Stein & Stein, 2016). Witches often

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