The Role Of Women During The 19th Century

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Women Then and Now The role of women have changed drastically throughout history. Women have had the opportunity to change their lives and live in their light and not the shadows of men. Between 1800 and 2000, women and young ladies have been treated completely different, however, there are similarities in the way women have been brought up. Married women in the 19th century (1800), were thought to be dependent of men, Some men even compared them to children. Young ladies learned to be a good housewife from their mother. The female in the house cleaned and took care of the younger children in the family. Parents of the young women wanted a wealthy man, no matter the age, to marry their daughter. They did not get to choose their …show more content…

Young girls are no longer married to older men just for wealth. They no longer have to stay in the shadows of her husband or her father. More ladies now, “celebrate desire, determination, and confidence” (Harris 1). Women no longer always stay in the house and take care of the kids or only focus on looking proper. They have goals and according to Future Girl, “...set themselves on a path toward success” (5). There are still some people who think women only belong locked up in the house, but women are now standing up for themselves. Young girls are being educated and learn concepts that help them in life. The role of a women has changed throughout the years, but there are some things that have not changed. Even though there are many differences in the way women were treated and their marriage responsibilities, women have always had things in common that have never changed. In the 19th century, girls married at a young age. By the 20th century, girls begin marrying at an older age (Solomon 20). In the 21st century, girls are marrying young again. In other countries, they marry at an older age. Women also still have the responsibility of taking care of the house. They still care for the kids, clean the house, dress to make themselves look presentable, and even garden. Married women also still cook for their families and young girls are taught how to cook and clean from her family. From the 19th century to the 21st

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