The Role Of Women During The Early American Witch Trials Essay

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the role of women in the early american witch trials

Puritan Societal gender biases against women prompted what was called the "Witch Trials". Some trials took place in Europe around the same time, but my focus is about the trials that took place in Early America in New England. History notes these areas to be mostly in Hartford, Fairfield, and Salem. The latter being the most infamous and the most published. Although the question has been asked many times, there has not been a definite answer on Why did the trials take place? What happened to cause this phenomenon? There were several factors involving bias such as socioeconomic, historical, psychological and religious factors, but most notable were the gender biases that was evident. With all of these underlying influences, it was apparent that the one common link was women and the varying roles that they played during this time. Documented research states that approximately 78% of those accused were women (Karlsen, 1987) and similarly those who were executed were a high percentage of women.
There were several Christian religions evolving at the time, but Puritan society in the late 17th and early 18th centuries was dominant and focused on social and economic status unlike the Quakers who believed that God lived in everyone and evoked a more positive outlook on life. These two important identifying characteristics of people went hand in hand and constituted what

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