The Role Of Women In A Doll's House

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The well-known play A Doll’s House was first published in 1879 and has elements and characters which support feminism, which in turn drew attention from the women’s rights movement. However, Ibsen (author of the Dolls House) states that he was not a feminist; rather, his play is about the human nature in general, and is not specifically about women’s rights.

“Throughout the history of society, women and men both have faced the constricting roles forced upon them, from an early age; each gender is given specific social and cultural roles to play out throughout their lives” (Yildrim). Victorian Era was not characterized by fairness between man and woman, but instead by the shallow difference between them. The late 19th century was famous as the Victorian era in England. This was the era when Queen Victoria’s control England.

This kind of system was the norm for most women and women usually led a more quiet, private life; while men had all kinds of freedom. Man were the head of the family and the protector of family. Men were the strong and brave ones.
“Women were wary, weak and emotional compared to men” (Odubajo). Women were supposed to be pure and quiet. Showing feelings such as anger or annoyance were never expected out of them.

Women had no responsible jobs in general. A women job was to give birth to children and take care of the household. They didn’t have the right to not vote. They were not allowed to own property and didn’t have a legal say. The possessions

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