Lysistrata Essay

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Women have always been down played throughout history and always had to fall below men. The play Lysistrata by Aristophanes is great play that shows the first time women started taking a stand against men for equal rights. The adaptation that I saw of lysistrata in San Francisco State School of Theater and Dance, my seat cost 17 dollars and my seat number was 107. I chose this because I believed it was the best seat to look at the play. The person who attended the play with me was my close friend Sabrina who loves plays. The Audience for the play including myself and Sabrina was very demographically populated, the whole entire room was full of people. Lysistrata is a bawdy anti-war comedy staged in 411 BCE, this play was believed to be one of Aristophanes greatest works as it takes to account that a woman took upon herself to end the peloponnesian war, by convincing women to take mens sexual privileges in order to start a negotiation for peace.(Luke)
The duration of the play was about fifty minutes to one hour and the genre category I believe it fell under was a comedy. The play's duration is no coincidence as it was framed to fall in this specific time zone because they are perfect for school assemblies and social gatherings as well. The genre of the play like its discussed in chapter 2 ‘what is a play” states genre lets you know if the play fits you due to you knowing what kind of play it is.(p.23) The plot of this play is Lysistrata calls all women together to create

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