The Role Of Women In The Dark Ages

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The Medieval Period was filled with tough difficult days where many people suffered and had limited freedom. In the dark ages there was many factors that were involved such as feudalism , the role of women in dark ages , religion in medieval england , and medieval arts and culture and the legend of king arthur .This led to an economy always marked by poverty, sometimes famine, extreme exploitation and wide gaps between rich and poor.
In the dark ages there were many changes from now days they were difficult times. The middle ages was a period of massive social change, burgeoning nationalism , international. It was the crisis of viking invasion however that bought a unified english kingdom into existence. By the 650 s almost all the lowlands were under english control ( BBC) .They invaded and settled is obscure by 500 germanic speakers seems to have settles deep into britain . In 410 the emperor honours wrote to the british romans instructing them to look to their own defence . After 350 years of roman rule as long as seperates the present day from charles II (Gilbert) .
The role of women in the dark ages have had a few major effect to women that had no freedom , no rights . Many women have died that have dedicated themselves to men and work . Once they have had a kid the mothers would have dedicated themselves to the children . A major difference that the dark ages was depending if the women were their rich or poor . If the women is rich the lady would have a easy time
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