Essay about The Deserving Titles for the Middle Ages

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After the collapse of the Roman Empire, Europe remained split into two parts: Western Europe and Eastern Europe. Eastern Europe then after developed into the Byzantium Empire and left Western Europe in a period of slow development called the Middle Ages. The Middle Ages occurred around 500 A.D. to 1400 A.D. The Middle Ages were split into several different time periods called the Early Middle Ages, the High Middle Ages, and the Late Middle Ages, each period contributing to the tension or progress of the Middle Ages. The Middle Ages is deserving of the titles Age of Feudalism due to this governing style influencing the social order of the society and the Dark Ages because this time was plagued with disease and destruction, however, the…show more content…
Another title that the Middle Ages deserve is the label Dark Ages because during the Middle Ages, there was constant chaos and destruction that plagued Western Europe. After the collapse of Rome, the invasions did not end there. The invasions continued throughout the Middle Ages by different groups and tribes. For example, during the ninth and tenth century, the Moor invasions have taken over the South and the Hungarians invaded the Eastern provinces. Both invasion groups sacked villages, held captives, burned down religious buildings, and left a path of destruction while many citizens that escaped took refuge in the mountains or deep forests (doc 1). Also during the invasions of the Moor and Hungarians, the Northmen struck terror in England. The plundered, burned towns, and returned home with boats filled with gold, people, and resources (doc. 3). However, that was not the end of all the chaos during the Middle Ages. During the 14th century, the black death hit Western Europe, which ended up wiping out 1/3 of the population and a body count of over 25 million by the end of the sixteenth century (OI). Consequently, because of the constant chaos and destruction from invasions and plague, little to no development was possible. This slowed down Western Europe's advancements and growth. The
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