The Role of a Nurse

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Analyse the Role of the Nurse
The complex nature of nursing means that there is no single definition that encompasses every aspect of the role of the nurse. A nurse is required to have several attributes and skills to carry out their everyday duties; they must show compassion, empathy, excellent communication skills both verbal and non-verbal. In some cases nurses are also required to become advocators for patients who are not able to communicate for themselves. A nurse is also required to be non-prejudice and understand and acknowledge other cultures and beliefs, for example some religions do not believe in blood transfusions, as a nurse it is important not to judge when faced with such a dilemma.
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Other member may become resentful and this could cause the team to break down.
Working under supervision is equally as important as working in a team when it comes to nursing. It is important because a nurse is required to be competent in everything she/he does. Therefore it is beneficial as support is provided from a senior more experienced member of staff who is able to guide and monitor junior members of the team. Monitoring the level of care/service provided to patients ‘and has the simultaneous purposes of enhancing the professional functioning of the junior member(s)’ (Consedine, 2004, internet).

Explain a range of ethical and moral dilemmas faced by a nurse.
Nurses face a wide range of ethical and moral dilemmas throughout their career. Ethical dilemmas are situations in which there are conflicting moral claims. In some of these situations people do not know what the ethically right thing to do is. They do not agree about the ethically right thing to do and often cannot find satisfactory solutions or there are two equally unsatisfactory solutions. Or they may know what the ethically right thing to do is, but do not want to act on this.
Do not resuscitate is becoming an increasingly common ethical dilemma. Some patients would prefer not to be resuscitated where as others may decide otherwise. Recent cases have highlighted the desirability to be resuscitated;

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