The Roles Of Married Women In The 17th And 18th Century

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The word “restoration” is represents the historical time period that occurred in England between the years of 1660 to 1700. This era was marked when the monarchy was restored to England after ten years because of the rule of Parliament. During the 17th and 18th century women were placed into three different roles: virgins, married, or widows. While each role was different so were the expectations and images. A married woman during this time would have strictly been at home taking care of the children, cleaning, and cooking meals. The husbands had the most control in the relationship. To document the female roles during this time, there were poems, books, and plays that depicted these roles. The two plays that showed the married women’s role would be The Country Wife which was written by William Wycherley and the Beggar’s Opera that was produced by John Gay. The roles of married women are describe in Jane Collier’s book, An Essay on the Art of Ingeniously Tormenting, there is a section of which a man is giving advice to his daughter about being a married woman. The father discusses the challenge of being a wife is how to live with a husband. Being a wife means she would have to observe his behavior because there are several temper that men portray. The happiness of being a wife is to make sure the husband is happy. The disadvantages include not having choice; the husband will do that for the wife. Modesty is taken away from the woman because her husband now knows what
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