The Roman And The Chinese Empire

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The Roman and the Chinese Empire
The Roman and the Chinese Dynasty were two existing entities that were separate and never had relations with each other basically because for the great distance that set them apart. Despite the considerable distance and lack of association, the two dynasties experienced common factors in their existence ranging from unrests that led to their fall. Both empires rose with many challenges and operated with some resistances that involved fighting off its enemies. The empires were strong until some factors led to their fall at different times of history. The paper compares the factors that surrounded the fall of the two empires and at the same time finds the various factors between the two empires. …show more content…

In the process of the fall of the two dynasties, there are similarities in the reasons for decline as well as the contrasting reasons that led to the decline of the empires. The decline situations were separately caused by a reduction in trade activities, failure in the political leadership, and the changing patterns in a population that reduced activities that increased loyalty and trade activities.
Decline in Trade Activities
Economic wise, both kingdoms depended on trade activities that formed much of their financial might. Trade was an important aspect in both kingdoms that had trade partners in their areas of operation. However, the decline in trade became one of the factors that led to their downfall since it was a dependent factor for survival and stability of the economies. However, Rome was significantly affected by the decline in trade that partly led to its decline. In the case of Rome, it heavily depended on trade activities for survival. As routes of trade became compromised, trade depreciated affecting the empire. Compromise of the routes resulted from bandits and pirates who stole and killed traders thus reducing the zeal of doing business along the routes. As the trade activities were reduced, so did the taxes remitted to the Roman Empire. At the same time, both empires increased taxes on trade activities to fund its military that provided security for them at their respective locations. As a

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